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A Discussion of Lore

This weeks episode for Welcome to Fortuity is all about the world we play in.

We discuss the creation deity and their empowered representative among the mortals.

We talk of their antithesis and the dividing lines drawn between them.

We settle on how the currency works and the mechanics of firearms.

Racial and cultural differences in memory and history and how they change the way different people view the world and events.

We also talk about what is coming up in the short term for Welcome to Fortuity.

We will be briefly steeping away from the story of Skeret and Sathrei and will be playing a couple of different characters and using a different game system to explore other storylines in the world.

We will be using Dungeon World, a Powered by the Apocalypse ruleset, to focus on faster story telling and less reliance on dice rolls, while maintaining a D&D feel about the world and the players within it.

We are looking forward to this short stint of episodes and then getting back to the main story.

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