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Hero Forge and Minion Quest

Season 2 of Minion Quest is nearly here and with that come a new sponsor supporting the show.

Hero Forge is the place to go for custom minis for your RPG characters.

On the site you can pick and choose every element of your mini from the head down to the feet and pose them as you imagine they would hold themselves.

After creating your 3D model on either your PC or mobile, you can either have them 3D print it in a selection of different materials or you can purchase the .stl file to print at home.

The colour printing option is currently in beta and available to kickstarter backers of their colour print campaign.

We had the opportunity to create the heroes of Minion Quest in full colour and talk about the character and players experiences in the game so far and in the world of role playing overall.

Check out the videos below.

Minion Quest Season 2 starts June 13th at 5pm GMT+8

Watch the stream at twitch.tv/deadaussiegamer

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