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Introducing Welcome To Fortuity

Welcome to Fortuity is a new narrative based D&D campaign from the Isolated City Gaming team. Set in an original world filled with all the familiar races and magic you'd expect in a D&D 5th edition story. Imagine a rich fantasy world that's has generations of stability and peace to percolate in all that magical stuff and arrive at the edge of their own industrial revolution. You got all that? alright now picture all that having a gold rush for fantastic magical crystals and you've got Welcome To Fortuity.

Releasing fortnightly, we have a sprawling story planned for this campaign with many weird and interesting characters to meet along the way. At the outset Welcome To Fortuity will only feature 2 player characters with plans to feature guest players and eventually expand the cast as we get moving.

We hope you all enjoy listening as much as we do making it. Episode one releasing this Sunday 1st of March.

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