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Isolated City In Isolation

So, the name for our little collective has become somewhat prudent recently.

Sleepy old Perth, Western Australia now in a full blown coma. Social distancing and self isolation in full swing. Public gatherings banned and enforced with significant fines. Many people with a lot more spare time available that they hadn't planned on or expected.

I've sat down on this lazy afternoon to add to the noise of advice blogs and COVID-19 updates, because why not?

Firstly, I want to run you through what we are doing to try and keep our little contribution to normalcy going.

Our three shows, Heimdall's Watch, Sunday Sessions, and Welcome to Fortuity are continuing uninterrupted on their fortnightly release schedules. We are playing and recording these slightly differently though.

By now most of you would be familiar with the online meeting program Zoom with its funny virtual backdrops and comedians dropping into high security meetings. Well we use that as well to run our games. We could have chosen to do an audio only option but even though we aren't in the same room, visual cues are still very important to us to play off each others reactions to events in game.

We are recording our own audio using Audacity to try and maintain some level of audio quality.

We don't use a virtual tabletop program as our games traditionally haven't used battle maps etc for combat, and we trust each other to be honest with the dice rolls. With a small amount of extra work in post show editing, we are able to put out a podcast at a similar audio quality to what we have produced previously.

In a follow up blog to this, I will give a list of options for you to keep in contact with your gaming crew and how to keep playing the games you love or play some that you haven't before.

I am looking forward to the point we can emerge blinking into the sunshine from our isolation caves and reintroduce ourselves to society. Until then we can do what we can to maintain some regularity and keep producing funny, exciting, tense and engaging podcast content for you to enjoy.

We may be call ourselves Isolated City Gaming but we will never feel alone.

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