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Meet Hana Song

Hana Song (original name TM TM TM) the resident Drow rogue murder machine.

Her particular set of skills has landed her in the service to Heimdall's City Watch with her sister being kept in prison as collateral.

Under the watchful eye of Poppet she has assisted the team in delving into investigation of the underworld trade of Old World Relics, finding a larger coordinated effort to gather weapons, gadgets and arcane power increasing crystal being coordinated by a mysterious gnome named Kraven.

In her travels and a face off against a werewolf, she was infected with the curse of lycanthropy. The wolf within her heightened her violent urges and started to impinge on her ability to hide her intentions. This lead her to return to the forest gnome village and pursue training in Druidic magics. Through this, she has purged the malevolent force that lived within her and harnessed the wild shifting and spell casting capabilities of the natural world.

She is now a physical embodiment of the natural cycle of life and death.

Follow her explorations of natural order and the criminal world in the ongoing episodes of Heimdall's Watch.

You can find Hana's DnDBeyond character sheet Here

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