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Meet Poppet Hilltopple

Perrin "Poppet" Hilltopple is a collection of contradictions pressed into the small body of a Halfling.

Taken into a monastery as a young adult after his time with a relic recovery party ended in violence and death. Already a follower of Heimdall, he fell into line at the monastic order with ease, his muteness being mistaken for devotion along the way.

He was soon an accomplished martial artist and was transferred to the city watch arm of the Church of Heimdall within the city of Geserek. There he was put into a warden role overlooking two former prisoner made city watch individuals that are working off the remainder of their sentences.

Along their travels together, he has regained his voice, and has swung hard in the other direction from his monk training, taking on abilities of the bards.

A mute monk gone inspiring bard.

A prisoner overseer become willing party follower.

A halfling that definitely punches above his weight.

You can see Poppet's DnDBeyond character sheet Here

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