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Meet Wyu Little

Fish out of water could be the best way to describe Wyu Little.

As a young adventurer, he joined a group on a job to escort a cart from Neverwinter to Phandalin. Wyu, along with a paladin, druid and rogue, murdered goblins, dropped boulders on orcs, put a highly injured dragon to its final sleep mid flight and rediscovered the lost mines.

Many decades onwards he's a respected member of the Harpers and an avid cataloguer of all things mysterious or magical.

In a attempt to further his research, he used a teleportation circle within the arcane libraries in Neverwinter to travel to Sigil. But this spell went wrong and he has ended up in a different plane than intended. In a land that is closed off from the rest of the plane it exists in.

Now he finds himself with a new party, in the country of Barovia, to do anything he can to be able to get back home. The way to do that is simple. Destroy the vampire Lord Strahd and reunite Barovia with the rest of the world. Like I said. Simple.

You can find Wyu's DnDBeyond character sheet Here

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