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Minion Quest

Ryan, The DM for Heimdall's Watch and Sunday Sessions and plays Sathrei in Welcome to Fortuity, is one of the players in Minion Quest.

He plays Manfred, an anthropomorphic manitcore wizard.

What is Minion Quest I hear you asking??

Minion Quest is a Twitch stream Actual Play D&D 5th Ed game that sees the players take on the roles of monsters thrust into the roles of adventurers in the land of Aulestria.

The first season of 12 episodes saw the players leaving the safe confines of their dungeon and into the overworld in pursuit of adventurers that had breached the dungeon defenses.

You can find the videos of the first season below

Second season of Minion Quest starts this Saturday 13th June at 5pm GMT+8

You can watch the stream live and participate at twitch.tv/deadaussiegamer .

As an audience member, not only do you get to watch the antics live but you can also influence what happens through purchases of plot twists, NPCs and encounters that the DM Michael the "Dead Aussie Gamer" weaves into the narrative live that session.

The audience members of the first episode of the season get to go into the draw to create with Michael, the main villain of the season.

For season 1 Lord Valiance was an amazing creation that the players quickly despised.

So. We will catch you in the stream audience on Saturday for episode 1 of season 2 of Minion Quest.

And to steal Michael's line.

Game Hard or Die Trying

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