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SHO One Shot: Honey Heist

Back in June, WA enjoyed the Southern Hemisphere Open, a 3 day convention celebrating table top gaming.

SHO, hosted by Objective Secured, brought together miniature war gaming, painting classes, several panel presentations and stalls of local retailers and hobbyists.

It also saw 3 days of tabletop role playing including D&D, L5R, Pathfinder, and many others.

Find more information about Objective Secured and SHO Here

I hosted a table providing a choice of several one shot games including Fiasco, Dread and Crash Pandas.

This session we played Honey Heist by Grant Howitt, a one page RPG that is quick to setup and easy to play. Find the rules Here.

Honey Heist has the players take the role of a group of bears impersonating humans to break into a honey convention to steal all the honey. It's whacky and fun in equal measures.

I was joined by Daniel, Damien, Michael, Dante and Kristal who as an odd collection of bears (and a honey badger) infiltrate Honey Con for the montherload of delicious, nutritious honey.

And here it is for your enjoyment.

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