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Side Hustle: Call of C'thulhu

We enjoy games.

We love the tension and excitement they can foster inside our hearts and minds.

Some of our favourite episodes in our podcast shows are the ones that involve mystery, or unknown or unseen dangers.

And is there a better setting for mystery and horror than the world of HP Lovecraft's C'thulhu Mythos?

The Dungeon Master for Heimdall's Watch and Sunday Sessions, Ryan, is taking off the feathered wide brim hat of a fantasy story teller and replacing it with a trilby with a notebook tucked in the band as he takes on the role of Keeper of Arcane Lore.

Ryan will be doing a short series of videos as he plays through the single player introductory campaign from the Call of C'thulhu starter set.

Call of C'thulhu RPG is developed by Chaosium Inc and is currently in the 7th edition of the rules.

The starter set includes 3 books (the solo campaign, basic rules and a book of short group campaigns), a dice set, character sheets (some pre-generated characters and some blank ones), and handouts for the campaigns.

Check out Chaosium's website for details on all the current Call of C'thulhu source books. https://www.chaosium.com/call-of-cthulhu-rpg/

Ryan has made a quick unboxing video of the starter set linked below.

Check back here or subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with the Starter Set playthrough.

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